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Product: Automotive Details


Output Management solution
Automotive - Enterprise label solution

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Solution benefits

  • Introduces quality management in your output processe
  • Reduce trading partner penalties
  • Make sure EDI data and Label output always match
  • Improves reaction time


  • Core automotive functionality
  • Vendor independent
  • Connect any ERP or EDI solution
  • One data structure for all templates 
  • Runs in parallel with your current infrastructure

The InterForm Automotive solution is a standalone solution that follows you no matter what application and platform you are running. Our main focus is the automotive industry and all the processes required to make you perform as good as possible. 

Irrespectively to how you are managing your output today you can introduce InterForm in parallel with your current system and start to utilize the InterForm Automotive Solution in the pace that you want. 

To make it simple for you we have created one XML structure that covers all the supported Trading partner guidelines. By adapting to this format you will out of the box be able to use all our supported templates! You focus on your core business and we focus on converting trading partner guidelines into new templates for you. 

Contact us to learn more.



  • Validates each print job in real time
  • User specific rules
  • Connect with ERP or EDI solutions
  • Non compliant labels stopped
  • Reduces penalties and increases satisfaction

Non compliant data leads to wrong labels and penalties. With the validator we validate each print job according to the actual guidelines. A constantly growing set of rules is validating each job down to the detail described for each supported Trading partner guideline.

The solution works from the belief that it is better not to print a label than print a non compliant label. This way the solution reduces the amount of errorful labels and penalties leading to an improved customer satisfaction and ranking.

The solution allows you to send back information to your ERP in order to improve the source and e.g. align EDI and Label output.


  • Wide range of trading partner labels and documents supported
  • Create and edit designs with WYSIWYG design tool 
  • ERP independent form packages
  • New guidelines adapted automatically
  • Manages standard and individualizations

With the InterForm Automotive Solution you are always uptodate when it comes to Trading partner guidelines. As part of the solution we translate new guidelines into ready to use templates making sure that you are always compliant. You will now not have to spend your time on dismantling each guideline we do that for you.

The list contains more than 200 templates - contact us to see if your requirements are covered... "List of all the labels and documents supported and description of what version of the guideline." Examples would be enough (ASK TK what documents examples)

With the WYSIWYG design tool you wil find your self in the driver seat with the freedom to create or edit any design. Unique to the solution is the ability to keep template individualizations made to the standard templates despite upgrading to a new generation of the template. 

Insert image of a label in the designer - link to formatting page.



  • Top quality and performance
  • Native printing NO drivers!
  • Output to label and laser printers
  • Advanced printer management

The InterForm Automotive Solution utilizes the native print technology communicating directly with the printer giving you a high performing and quality print process. By excluding printer drivers in the process enable InterForm to keep a consistent and top performing output process. A big advantage of using the native print technology is that we are able to push fonts and other resources in every print job freeing you from having to upload resources to every single printer. 

At InterForm we work closely together with the market leadinging print manufactures in order to secure a top quality print process.



  • Consistent and identical output
  • Create any document output
  • Native font and barcode support
  • Work with conditions and local rules
  • High output quality

A very important element in the automotive industry is output percision and consistancy. This is to our best knowledge only possible if you are using a native print technology. By sending the actual data to the print instead of an image, will give you a top performing process as well as having full control over the print process.

With a steady increase in Trading partner output quality requirements InterForm is the tool that allows you to adapt in a quick and efficient way.  

With InterForm you will not have to worry about purchasing fonts or barcodes, as this is natively supported in the product. You are in fact able to set conditions for every print job and this way create local rules relevant for down to the individual printer or label. 


  • Post output validation
  • Secure high quality
  • Quality management
  • Printer management
  • Mobile scanning app
Quality is not only about data but also the actual printed output. In order to make sure you are compliant with Trading partner guidelines you also need to focus on the actual printed output. With the solution we give you several options to improve and control the quality of the printed output. A mobile scanning app allows you to verify and test printed output, the software helps you to keep the printers in a healthy state. This way InterForm Automotive solution helps you keep the output quality high. 

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