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Product: Automotive


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Automotive - Enterprise label solution


InterForm Automotive Solution is the perfect match for anyone involved in the automotive industry. We give you a tool that makes working with OEM and suppliers much easier. We have designed a solution that will work with any ERP or application in the market and give you the ability to react quickly to output changes and new guidelines. If you can deliver data in our InterForm Format you will out of the box have access to a wide range of templates. In fact you will not have to worry about adapting new guidelines - we manage this for you as part of the solution.

As our solution focuses much wider than the ERP you get a solution that allows you to top perform within the industry and not just the scope of the single ERP.
We focus on the data, the people involved, the printing process and the quality of the final output.  

We have designed a solution that you can test today and implement tomorrow. InterForm Automotive Solution can be implemented in parallel with what you are using today and then you can step by step increase the us of InterForm and get the benefits of the solution. A succesfull delivery requires you to deliver according to guidelines and that is what the InterForm Automotive Solution helps you doing. 

With InterForm you get partner that specializes in automotive output and have done so since 1999 and serves more than 1.500 automotive customers. The InterForm Automotive Solution is powered by InterFormNG. 


Solution benefits

  • Always uptodate OEM templates 
  • Reduces penalties & increases satisfaction
  • Enable you to match EDI data and Label output 
  • Data focused - works with any ERP

Application input

  • Core automotive functionality
  • ERP independent
  • Connects with ERP or EDI solution
  • One data structure for all templates
  • Runs in parallel with your current infrastructure
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  • Validates each print job in real time
  • User specific rules
  • Connect with ERP or EDI solution
  • Non compliant labels stopped
  • Reduces penalties and increases satisfaction
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  • Wide range of trading partner labels and documents supported
  • Create and edit designs with WYSIWYG design tool
  • ERP independent form packages
  • New guidelines adapted automatically
  • Manages standard and individualizations
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  • Top quality and performance
  • Native printing NO drivers!
  • Output to label and laser printers
  • Advance printer management
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  • Consistent and identical output 
  • Create any document output 
  • Native font and barcode support
  • Work with condtions and local rules
  • High quality output
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Post validation

  • Post output validation
  • Secure high quality
  • Quality management  
  • Printer management 
  • Mobile scanning app
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