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Output Management

For discrete manufacturing - Infor XA
Infor XA output management


Whether you want to replace a 3rd-party Formatting Software, or the standard IBM i (AS/400) Form Solution, InterFormNG is the perfect solutions.
InterFormNG Output Management is a best-in-class Output Management solution for Infor XA (formerly Mapics) that ensures both a streamlined and multifunctional output. Use InterFormNG to create both new designs and setup intelligent workflows for email and printing - or to adapt your customized forms, reports and barcode labels to your customers changing demands. Including much, much more.

From Spool-To-XML in seconds
The key to unlock the advanced output features of InterFormNG is our module SpoolToXML400. The module arrange for an easy standardized integration to Infor XA. SpoolToXML400 requires no programming and converts any type of IBM i Spool file to XML in a matter of seconds. Learn more about SpoolToXML400 here.

Hassle-free upgrade of Infor XA
Using our standardized approach, InterFormNG can connect to any Infor XA release, from Second Generation RX6 and Third Generation RX7, to any new release of the Fourth Generation, Infor XA RX9. Independent of which version you run, InterFormNG ensures that all your output customizations remains unaffected when upgrading to newer version.

Benefits provided by InterForm

  • Transform IBM i spool files to customized business documents
  • Graphical Designer - Drag-n-Drop & WYSIWYG
  • Full DBCS / Unicode support
  • Multiple output formats in one solution
  • Meets suppliers’ and customers’ changing document requirements
  • Customized forms are indpendent of XA version
  • Supports any language and country specific formats
  • A central tool for all your applications

Infor XA customer case study

Flex Elektrowerkze

Our new Output Management System should be a flexible and future-proof standard solution. In InterForm we have found a solution-oriented partner who understood our demands. The solution saves us a lot of time and money!. Hans-Joachim Rudel, IT manager, Flex Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH. 
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IBM i (AS/400) Spool File and Forms Management for Infor XA


InterFormNG is a platform independent Forms and Output solution based on JAVA. Enable Infor XA users to distribute spool file data using any kind of output channel: laser & label print, PDF, XML, HTML or email and much more.

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Intuitive graphical designer

You can easily create or modify any document type with advanced customizations, using a Drag-n-Drop & WYSIWYG graphical designer. You work effortlessly with design elements like Barcodes, Customized fonts, Images, Frames, Boxes etc

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Unicode & Barcodes

InterFormNG brings full Unicode support to your Infor XA forms. Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Cyrilic, Korean and many more languages. Create output using a wide variety of linear, RFID and 2D barcodes.

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PDF & Emailing

Turn your Spool data from Infor XA into PDF and PDF/A documents and send advanced emails. Create PDF files with dynamic images, metadata, links and much more. Emailing is done with InterForm's own advanced SMTP server.

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Printing forms & labels

Create barcodes, labels, checks or any business document based on data from Infor XA. InterFormNG supports a wide variety of outputs, helping you to meet industry-specific requirements in a simple and easy way.

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Automation & workflow

The workflow manager allows you to split, sort, group and schedule outputs according to conditions. Combine distribution channels and create automated outputs. Print, email, and archive in one simple process.

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Trusted InterForm partners - Infor XA


Dipl.-Ing. Michael J. Raber

Location: Germany


IG Business Solutions

Location: Portugal and Spain


TwinGroup Global Solutions Srl

Location: Italy


Open Business Solutions

Location: United Kingdom


APLIXCOM software & consulting Sp. z o.o.

Location: Polen


Learn more about InterFormNG for Infor XA

If you want to learn more about how InterForm can benefit the output of your infor XA system, please fill out the below form and describe in short which challenges you would like InterForm to solve.

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JAVA programmer for Danish Output Management Company

Læs på dansk

InterForm A/S, Gentofte

  • Are you searching for a job with a short distance between ideas to final solutions?
  • Would you like to work with international partners e.g. major ERP vendors and skilled colleagues with many years of JAVA experience?
  • And would you like to be part of a flexible, international workplace, where you are assigned independent tasks?

Become a Programmer at InterForm A/S

At InterForm A/S, we are constantly evolving. We been have focused purely on Output Management since 1987 and today our customers and partners are located all over the world. Our products enables ERPs and other systems to design and distribute documents as print, PDF, e-mail, labels, fax, XML etc. We are constantly developing our core product, which plays a central role for ensuring our company’s future as a global and competitive business.

Develop our core Output Management product

As a JAVA-programmer, you are primarily responsible for the development of our core product. It will be your programming skills and ideas, which will develop our existing solution and form an essential element in securing our business in the future. You will be assigned with both independent tasks from our development plan and various customer support assignments. Moreover, you will be working with application frontend, including service and further development to our current output channels, being PDF, print protocols, e-mailing, XML etc. CEO, Peter Sørensen explains:

"Our product is of global character, which raises the bar for structure, layout and design. Sometimes it can be challenge to predict how new trends and changing markets affects the existing system. Meanwhile, it can be of great influence to many of the customers. For this reason, it is always of high importance to develop the system in a direction that is most beneficial to our customers.”

Become part of a dedicated and experienced team

Though you have independent assignments, you will also work in close collaboration with a Development Manager and a development team of 7 fellow developers – some, with 10-15 years of JAVA experience. We all contribute with good ideas, allocate tasks by competence and cooperate with each other concerning new solutions. 

"You will become a part of a skilled and experienced team, where you will get the opportunity to contribute with your own ideas and put them in to practice. The distance between ideas to implementation is short, supported by a dynamic interaction within the team. This combination this makes our solutions good.” Peter explains.

A candidate specialized in JAVA-programming

  • You have background in JAVA-programming that enables you to develop, structure and do coding from scratch
  • You have previous experience with one or more of the following frameworks: Swing, Spring, XML, XSLT and stylesheets
  • You are familiar with Gradle/Maven, Groovy, JavaScript, and AngularJS, including enterprise integration, e.g. Camel or Spring Integration.
  • It will be an advantage if you are familiar with other platforms, such as Linux, Unix, Windows, HP, AS/400 etc. including previous experience with ERP systems e.g. Navision, AX or similar.
  • You are able to communicate both verbally and written in Danish, English and perhaps also German

Your personal character enables you to work independently and simultaneously be part of a development team. You set a high standard for your work and your colleagues. Moreover, you are an ambitious, passionate programmer, who takes pride in your work and have a natural interest in being up to date with JAVA-programming/development.

If you're good enough, you're old enough.

Do you want to work with us?

If you have questions regarding the position, please contact CEO, Peter Sørensen: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
Send your application and CV to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Output Management solutions - The quality of the best software services

Being InterForm customer

What you get as an InterForm customer
  • Up-to-date and maintained product
    Since 2000 we released annual releases of both InterForm400 and InterFormNG product line. This ensures you an up to date product.

  • In house development (100 % natural InterForm)
    Both the InterFormNG and InterForm400 products are 100 % developed in house giving us the ability to act to any matter when needed.

  • Development influence
    InterForm customers can actively influence the development roadmap. Our development is inspired by our daily support and customer survey. (Surveys are conducted every second year and in average we are delivering 80-85 % of customer enquiries.)

  • Only Output Management
    We are 100 % committed to deliver you quality Output Management.
    Our narrow focus ensure you that we are dedicated, invest, and improve in Output Management.

  • Expertise
    With thousands of customers and 30+ years in business, our experts are able to support you with daily tasks or help you plan your overall Output Management strategy.

  • Consultancy
    We know our products and we are therefore happy working on fixed price basis or on time and material, following quotation.

  • Support
    InterForm deliver support in English, German, Danish, Swedish & Norwegian. Other languages are managed by our network of partners.

  • Account manager
    As customer with InterForm you will get your own account manager, who will be your main contact for you.

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