Product: Atlas Copco

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Product: Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco migrates print into e-mail and saves astonishing € 88.500 annually.

Atlas Copco INFOR LX - BPCS

Industry: Manufactoring
Docs:: Invoices, Picking lists, Delivery notes


Tasks / Problems

  • Atlas CopCo needed a more flexible solution than their existent for sending out documents via e-mail in pdf format.
  • Requirements: Easy and simple distribution of e-mails and multi attachments possibilities etc.
  • Documents are printed and distributed in 5 countries - South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana & Namibia


  • With some new features incorporated in Interform/400, Atlas Copco now directly e-mail an invoice or statement to customers using the automated scheduler.
  • This is done at month-end so your statements are sent out on the last day of the month.
  • BPCS allows for the capture of e-mail addresses on the Customer Master Maintenance option (ACR 23 / 6)

Return On Investment within 7 months

Atlas CopCo saves ZAR 1.2 million ~ € 88.590,- by distributing documents via e-mail instead of printing
Total annual savings for South Africa, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia

Days of outstanding payments is reduced by 7 days, due to invoices sent immediately via e-mail
Consequently cash flow is improved


Type of documents produced 

  • Invoices
  • Picking Lists.
  • Delivery notes


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