Product: Is IBM SMTP used when InterForm400 sends out emails?

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Product: Is IBM SMTP used when InterForm400 sends out emails?



InterForm400 is able to use IBM SMTP, but it is recommended to use InterForm400 SMTP instead. This can run in parallel with IBM SMTP. There are many good reasons to why you should use InterForm400 instead of IBM SMTP:

1. With IBM SMTP you do not get a real confirmation, that the emails have really been sent. A bad configuration, or if only one of the servers (MSF and SMTP) are running, then your email might disappear in thin air without any notice.

2. With IBM SMTP you (currently) do not have any way to use email authentication (logging on an external mail server).

3. No real logging of emails sent via IBM SMTP is possible.

4. InterForm400 SMTP offers full email authentication (clear text, SSL and STARTTLS).

5. InterForm400 SMTP offers the possibility to connect to one of multiple mail servers depending on the full email address or domain of the email sender.

6. If you run InterForm400 SMTP you can chose to generate emails with status ‘Held’ to make it possible to validate the emails before you might chose to really send them out.

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Product Sheet: Is IBM SMTP used when InterForm400 sends out emails?

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