Product: Format & design documents/reports with Output Management software

InterForm NG

Product: Format & design documents/reports with Output Management software


ERP Forms & Document design

InterFormNG Ouput Management
design and format data output from any ERP solution


Turn your ERP data into documents & reports of high design quality

Transform your data into documents with InterFormNG’s state-of-the-art graphical design tool, featuring drag-n-drop and WYSIWYG editing modes for quick and easy design. View your changes in a live preview. Create any type of design using customized fonts, images, barcodes, and more.

With the InterFormNG designer we give YOU the tool so you can create new or change existing designs on your own. InterForm provides a more efficient way to format your documents, saving you both time and money.

InterFormNG Output Management is a specialized tool, designed to assist you in developing a streamlined workflow with professional results. As a result, formatting with InterForm is many times faster than the programming alternative. Tasks like changing a logo or updating footer information across all designs can be completed in seconds.

InterFormNG’s graphical design tool is installed on a Windows PC and linked with the platform (Linux, Windows, IBM i, AS/400, etc.) where InterFormNG is installed. Once you’re done, your changes are instantly updated on the host server. Simple and easy.


InterFormNG design example

Use transpromo to turn your ERP (e.g. invoies) into marketing/promotion messages for your customers

Designer Features

  • Drag-n-Drop, WYSIWYG
  • Preview all outputs
  • Sub-overlay management
  • IF, ELSE, OR, & AND conditions
  • Works with Internal and External Resources
  • Barcode, Image, and Font support
  • Rotation, Alignment, Snap to Grid
  • XPath, calculations, concat, scheduling and much more

Designer Demo Video


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