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Product: Automotive Barcode Label Printing Solution | InterForm A/S

InterForm Automotive Solution

 Automotive barcode label printing solution | Enterprise labelling by InterForm A/S

At InterForm, we strive to work with the automotive industry by giving them a tool that simplifies the collaboration between OEM, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and other suppliers. Our InterForm Automotive Solution has been specifically designed to work with any ERP or application available in the market today. It enables you to react to output changes and new guidelines in an instant, saving you valuable time and money.

By inputting the relevant data into our InterForm Format, you will have access to a wide range of templates that you can manage as per your needs. In fact, you don’t have to worry about adapting new guidelines for your documents and labels as we will manage it for you as part of our service.

Because our tool focuses on a much wider scale than just on a single ERP, it allows you to outperform your industry competitors. We focus on the data, the people involved, the printing process and the quality of the final product.

At InterForm, we have designed a solution that can be tested today and be implemented tomorrow. InterForm Automotive Solution can be used in conjunction with what you are using today and as time goes by, you can increase its usability to reap its many benefits. Our solutions help you in accomplishing successful deliveries as per the required guidelines.

As specialists in the field of automotive output since 1999, InterForm has been a trusted partner of more than 1000 automotive clients. The InterForm Automotive Solution is powered by InterFormNG.


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Application Input

  • Core automotive functionality
  • ERP independent
  • Connects with ERP or EDI solution
  • One data structure for all templates
  • Runs in parallel with your current systems

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  • Validates each print job in real time
  • User specific rules
  • Connect with ERP or EDI solution
  • Stops non-compliant labels
  • Reduces penalties and increases satisfaction

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  • Wide range of trading partner templates
  • Create designs with WYSIWYG design tool
  • ERP independent template sets
  • New guidelines adapted automatically
  • Manages standard and individualizations

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  • Top quality and performance
  • Native printing NO drivers!
  • Output to label and laser printers
  • Advance printer management

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  • Consistent and identical output 
  • Create any document output 
  • Native font and barcode support
  • Work with conditions and local rules
  • High quality output

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Post validation

  • Post output validation
  • Secure high quality
  • Quality management 
  • Printer management 
  • Mobile scanning app

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Solution benefits

  • Always up-to-date OEM & supplier templates
  • Reduces penalties & increases satisfaction
  • ERP and platform independent
  • Enables you to match EDI data and Label output
  • Create any document with the easy to use designer
  • Designed for the Automotive Industry

One XML structure is all it takes 

In order to cater to the automotive market, we have designed our solution to seamlessly integrate with any platform or application. This hassle-free platform enables you to perform your processes at their optimum capacity.

To simplify the integration procedure, a single XML structure has been designed and developed to meet all the requirements of the trading partner guidelines. This will allow you to use all of our templates out of the box without causing any hindrance to your business. As you get to focus on running the core business processes, we take care of the conversions of trading partner guidelines into new templates.


Not generating XML today?

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Ensure only compliant automotive barcode labels are produced!

With our validator you are able to validate a print job according to trading partner guidelines. If this is not done correctly it can lead to penalties and wrong labels due to non-compliant data. By building up rules you are able to validate labels or data that is important to you.

We have designed a solution in a way that it chooses to rather not print a label than to print one that is non-compliant. This way the number of labels with errors is reduced greatly and leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction.

In order to improve the source and align label output and EDI, the InterForm Automotive Solution allows you to send information back to your ERP.

Hundreds of automotive labels and shipping document available

When it comes to trading partner guidelines, our InterForm Automotive Solution keeps you up-to-date at all times. To keep you compliant, templates are being created from newly translated guidelines constantly. You don’t have to worry about the guidelines being dismantled as we will be doing that for you.

Several form packages are available counting several hundred trading partner labels & transportation documents. VDA, Odette, AIAG, GALIA, CMR as standard and in trading partner versions.

Document examples VDA 4902, VDA 4994, VDA 4939 v3.1 (VW TSB-Generator), Odette V1.4.1 (OTL1), Odette V3.1 (OTL3), AIAG B3, AIAG B10 and many more.


With the WYSIWYG design tool you will find yourself back in the driver seat with the freedom to create or edit any design. Even if you do upgrade to a new generation of the template, our unique solution allows you to keep each template individualized. 

See examples here

VDA 4902 | VDA 4994

Automotive labels are printed via native print technology


The InterForm Automotive Solution utilizes the native print technology communicating directly with the printer giving you a high performing and quality print process. By excluding printer drivers, our solution is able to keep performing at a consistent output capacity. A major advantage of using the native print technology is that we are able to push fonts and other resources in every print job, freeing you from having to upload resources to every single printer.

At InterForm we work closely together with the market leading print manufactures in order to secure top quality print processes.

Advanced reprint option


During the labeling process it is common to request a reprint of a label. With the solution we facilitate that you can reprint just a single label instead of a of a whole job. Saving you time and money!

The output result is consistent and accurate automotive labelling 

An important element in the automotive industry is output precision and consistency. This is to our best knowledge only possible if you are using a native print technology. By sending the actual data to the printer instead of an image, you will be able to achieve maximum performance in the processes as well as having full control over the print process.

InterForm Automotive Solution allows you to adapt to any changes that are requested by the trading partner.
With InterForm, you don’t have to worry about purchasing fonts or barcodes as this is natively supported within the product itself.


You will be able to set conditions for every print job and create local rules that can be implemented down to the individual printer or label.

Improves printed output quality! 


With our InterForm Automotive Solution, we offer you several ways to improve and control the quality of the printed output. This includes a mobile scanning app that allows you to verify and test the printed output data. Also, our software has been designed in a way that it helps you in keeping your printers in a healthy state.

See examples here


Overview -  InterForm Automotive Solution

Platform Windows, Linux, AS400, IBM I and any running JAVA
Form packages OEM, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and other suppliers, VDA, Odette, AIAG....
500+ documents Labels, transport documents, Waybills, packing slips and many more
Template examples VDA 4902, VDA 4994, (OTL1) V1.4.1, (OTL3) V3.1, AIAG B3, AIAG B10
Mobile scannings app Android
Native printing Zebra ZPLII, PCL5 and several others
Additional features Reprint, Dash board, XML structure and much more

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