Product: Misys BankFusion Equation

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Product: Misys BankFusion Equation


InterForm400 for Misys BankFusion Equation

The financial market is changing. Customers who once visited their local branch to perform a simple transaction are now banking online via self-service applications.

This technology gives consumers the freedom to make around-the-clock payments, deposits, money transfers, and more. From a bank’s perspective, however, it reduces customer contact and personal relationships, turning banking into a strictly automated and impersonal activity. Without these personal relationships, customers are more willing to compare standard financial services and switch banks in order to get the best deals.

It’s become clear that delivering a personalized message in the right format at the right time can help retain customers. Some customers still prefer to receive paper account statements, while others prefer e-statements. Either way, it’s increasingly important to be able to deliver personalized messages to customers.

Independent software

InterForm400 is a native AS400 software that runs independently of the ERP system. With InterForm you get an easy-to-use tool that will increase the value of Misys BankFusion Equation significantly. InterForm enables Misys customers to format their output into email, print, PDF, advanced PDF, HTML, Excel, Word and much more.

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Customer example:

Here is what we are doing for Misys BankFusion Equation (BFEQ) customer Oman Arab Bank:

  • All customer-facing documents from BFEQ are distributed via InterForm400.
  • OAB handles more than 20 different check designs via InterForm400
  • OAB sends PDF account statements via HTML email
  • PDFs are encrypted and password protected
  • OAB sends customer transaction notifications via HTML emails
  • OAB sends marketing newsletters and offers to customers with InterForm400
  • OAB prints in bulk, sorting and splitting prints according to e.g. area code, etc.
  • OAB prints in bulk and has OMR marks added for folding and enveloping machine
  • OAB outputs documents in multiple languages including English, Arabic, and Unicode
  • OAB centrally handles output for 60 branches in many countries from just one installation

Read the full case study here

Misys customers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa are using InterForm400 today.

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