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Acerinox is a Spanish company positioned as the fourth largest producer of stainless steal with more than 30 commercial offices worldwide and factories in Spain (2 in Algeciras) and USA (Kentucky).

Why did Acerinox chose InterForm 400?

The company had been working during the last 3 years with Electronic Forms based on cartridges and SIMM’s (Hewlett Packard printers). They store more than 100 Electronic Forms and installed in all their commercial centres worldwide.

“To substitute the cartridges and SIMM solutions, five software products based on AS/400, were evaluated”. Only two offered the minimum requirements:

  • It had to be compatible with the current solution because both systems would run in parallel during certain period.

  • No changes to present applications would be necessary.

  • The <Escape> sequences that were used to call the Macros on the cartridges and SIMM’s could easily be disregarded.

  • A centralized development/design control of the Designs would be necessary, followed by distribution of the results to the commercial offices via communications.

“InterForm400 fulfilled all the pre-requisites and additionally it was compatible with the printer connectivity products already used”.


Description of the project and number of installations


Each commercial office has an AS/400 connected via communications to the others, making up the “Red Informática del Grupo Acerinox” (REDAX). The local office needs local Electronic Forms that are treated by InterForm incorporating them in the local applications. Also, any document from another remote office, country, factory, etc. can be printed locally anywhere.

“This system allows, for example, that any document generated in our office in Madrid can be available within seconds in our office in Singapore to be handed out to a local customer. Another case could be that the necessary USA Customs documents can be in our USA office minutes after the material leaves our factory in Spain”.

InterForm 400 is used mainly in the commercial and administrative departments.

Future plans of the use of InterForm 400


“Once we finalize the substitution of the old system (cartridges and SIMM’s) and InterForm is implemented in all our offices we will start the integration with fax and e-mail. This will give the opportunity of sending copies of the documents to our customers via any other means like images interchange, fax, e-mail, using as much as possible our own communications infrastructure”.

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