Product: Wo Lee

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Product: Wo Lee

Hong Kong based steel distributor Wo Lee were looking for an output management solution to handle Chinese printing and faxing requirements directly on the iSeries.

Wo Lee is producing steel materials mainly for the construction industry and with its 4 warehouses widely spread over Hong Kong, communication between branches, customers and suppliers is very important

Wo Lee had for many years had a routine where all documents were printed via a PC tool and sent by snail mail. The PC tool was causing a lot of problems and necessitated expensive consultancy even for minor changes.

Wo Lee decided that the more than 5000 business documents produced including Invoices, Statements and Debit/Credit notes could be handled more efficiently electronically.  As a part of the global evolution where more and more businesses are going paperless, Wo Lee decided that faxing would be a much more efficient way of distributing business documents.

After several attempts using PC based tools they experienced performance and stability problems so Wo Lee decided to develop an in house solution. IT manager Peter Lau quickly came to the conclusion that developing a stable solution in house, from scratch, was not the right way to go.

Wo Lee searched the market for a native IBM i output management solution supporting DBCS and especially the Hong Kong Chinese Character set. Mr. Lau was introduced to InterForm400 and had a demonstration of the product and afterwards a free trial version was installed.


Mr. Lau said "InterForm together with their local partner GPC by Raymond Yang have been a great support. From the first contact through the one week implementation they have been at their outmost – everything has gone smoothly".

The only challenge encountered during the implementation was that Wo Lee needed to upgrade their OS400 to V5R4

Wo Lee will shortly replace their existing MS print solution FoxPro completely with InterForm400. Thereafter all output management within Wo Lee will be done by InterForm400.

"Monthly we are faxing 5000 documents with InterForm400 this we could not have done with our old solution. Shortly we will also begin to send out emails and print labels with InterForm400 and in general just utilize the great product. Best part of everything is that we have full control over all processes as the product runs directly on the AS400" said Lau.


Wo Lee have, with InterForm400, an engine that fulfills all of their output requirements with the full DBCS / Unicode support and the many ways of distributing print that they require.  Wo Lee is finally in a position where they can focus on things that can make the organization work more efficiently.


"Things are simply working and the problems we had before we don't see any more – overall we are delighted with product" said Lau.


 Facts about Wo Lee


  • Established in 1954
  • Steel distributor
  • Customers in Hong Kong and overseas
  • 4 warehouses
  • 100 employees
  • In house ERP system
  • Laser printing, Label Printing, Faxing and Emailing
  • For more information about Wo Lee please visit


The customer win was made together with InterForm's Chinese partner GPC.


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