Product: DENSO Manufacturing UK

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Product: DENSO Manufacturing UK

DENSO Manufacturing UK (DMUK) wanted to improve their printing solutions; they evaluated several printing solutions, before deciding on InterForm400. The decision to use the InterForm partner was born out of the experience of one of their employees.

DMUK was experiencing significant problems within its printing solutions. DMUK were running a 24 hour production and shipping operations meaning that any downtime was unacceptable. As such the incumbent solution was causing a high volume of out of hours support but more importantly was having a significant impact on the operations of the business. It was therefore decided to seek a stable, versatile and cost effective solution to address their issues.

DMUK primarily evaluated InterForm400 to ensure it was able to provide a robust and stable solution to their printing needs. The ability to manage their writers, split and sort the documents and create the output in a variety of formats was paramount

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DMUK liked that they only required one license per machine; this was an extra benefit as they could role the software out across 17 manufacturing plants and 12 sales offices at no additional license fee. DENSO International has also purchased an additional license which they are operating in North America, fulfilling their business requirements. 

The installation of the software and designer was very quick for DMUK. The conversion from existing solutions to InterForm400 took a little longer. This was approximately 2 hours per form. They received 2 days training on InterForm400, enabling complete novices to create and roll out new reports.

DMUK uses InterForm400 in different areas of their business such as manufacturing, supply chain, dispatch, warehouse and finance all from one IBM System i server, maintained at Telford.

They have been able to reduce the out of hours support by 3/5 in the first 12 months of implementation. DENSO no longer had to rely on the IPDS printers, thus meaning when they renewed the printer's contracts they did not have to purchase IPDS cards.

The greatest saving is the impact on production and shipping. DENSO have stringent penalties should they fail to deliver to their customers. As such an error in printing can cause delay/failure in shipping, leading to customer complaints and short-shipments.


Stephen Kershaw IT Manager from DENSO Manufacturing felt that InterForm400 is a stable and robust printing solution ensuring the users within the business get their reports when they request them. The implementation of InterForm400 was seamless.
The user reaction has been excellent. They noticed something had changed as they no longer experienced the regular printing problems they faced with their previous software.

Stephen Kershaw summarized the service he has received from the InterForm partner!
"Excellent, very friendly and knowledgeable. The technical support has been superb. When con-tacted by one of our sister companies (outside of Europe) They set up a conference call with InterForm directly where we spoke with the creator of InterForm who resolved a problem we were experiencing with mirroring."


About DENSO Manufacturing


DENSO is the world's largest automotive supplier (source: 2009 Top Global Suppliers – Automo-tive news) both OEM and aftermarket parts, Thermal, Power train control, electronic and electrical systems, small motor and telecommunications.

Founded in Japan as Nippondenso 1949, the company now operates in 33 countries and regions with approximately 120,000 employees. Global consolidation sales totaled US$32.0 billion for fiscal year ended 31st of March 2010.

DENSO established their European business in1973 in The Netherlands. This has now expanded to 13 European countries and employees 15,000 people accounting for €3.6 billion turnover in the last fiscal year.



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