Product: Grupo Copo

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Product: Grupo Copo

Spain based automotive components supplier Grupo Copo was looking for an output management solution to build reports easily, that could be used by any person in the IT department even without knowledge in RPG or AS400.

Grupo Copo had for many years had a routine where all documents were printed via a homemade RPG program or manually attached and sent as email. Derived by a forthcoming ERP BPCS to LX upgrade Grupo Copo decided to replace the home written RPG program with a more up to date solution. By recommendations from Infor (ERP provider) Grupo Copo was introduced to InterForm400 as a supplement to BPCS/LX and AC Manager systems.*

Initially the plan was to use InterForm400 to generate invoices, shipping documents, reports, other business documents and barcode labels but Grupo Copo already sees the potential of the InterForm suit and wants to take advantage of the build in PDF and Emailing functionality.

Grupo Copo is like most other businesses using barcodes more and more intensively both for internal and external communication. Internally labels are printed for marking up goods for customers/suppliers and as a warehouse inventory identifier.

Grupo Copo is planning to triple the printer park which would have had a significant impact on the old RPG printer program but with InterForm400 this is no problem - adding a new printer local or remote is done fast and easy. As InterForm400 is not limited in regards to printers Grupo Copo have the ability to add as many printers as they like – top score on an InterForm400 installation is so far 5.000 printers.

IT manager at Grupo Copo Yolanda Martín Cupido expects can see all the benefits and improved usability – Grupo Copo is current on target to have a return on investment within 12 months.

As an InterForm customer Grupo Copo will annually get the latest version of the software along with local support/assistance directly via Infors certified staff in Spain.



Facts about Grupo Copo


  • Automotive components supplier
  • 9 plants globally
  • 1.000+ employees
  • BPCS + AC Manager from Infor
  • Laser printing, Label Printing and Emailing
  • For more information about Grupo Copo please visit

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