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Product: Logitrans A/S


Logitrans A/S - Output Management for Movex / M3

Logitrans Movex ERP output solution

“With InterForm400 I know that our customers only receive uniform invoices and order confirmations of high design quality. Before we had InterForm400 we were only able to send our customers a flat and boring email. Sometimes we even experienced that our customers almost thought that it was some kind of spam mail they had received, when we sent them an invoice by email.” IT Manager, Anders Grønbech, Logitrans.


That is why in 2015 Logitrans chose to find a different solution together with InterForm. The main objective was to implement InterForm400 directly on Logitrans’s Movex platform as a replacement for the existing MOM solution. This new solution was a combination of InterForm’s module for Movex, a tool that can transform stream files from Movex and M3 to spool files, and the known output management software, InterForm400.

Back in 2002, Logitrans implemented a Movex Version 12.3 – Almost immediately Logitrans experienced a challenge with designing uniform and well-designed documents, such as invoices and order confirmations. According to IT Manager Anders Grønbech, the options for changing and enriching the data output from Movex is limited, unless you invest many resources in external consultants every time you need to adjust the layout. "The challenge we had was that our printouts, or rather the PDF files that were produced by our system were of varying quality. They were simply not nice to look at or uniform says Grønbech."


InterForm400 connects to Movex

With InterForm400's module for Movex, Logitrans can keep all management of their document output inside the boundaries of the AS/400 environment. This gives them the production stability they need, and it opens up a wide number of new variations and possibilities.  Further Grønbech says, with InterForm400 we are capable of enriching the document design that Movex produces. In short, this means that all the documents we send our customers are of much higher quality than they used to be.

In the same context, Logitrans were given the opportunity, with support from InterForm, to create their own archive solution. The module for Movex makes it possible to embed additional data that enables specific document files to be archived exactly as the user wants. The plan is that this function should be used to build an online customer portal for all of Logitrans’ customers."

"With the InterForm's module for Movex you set up some specific values, which are then used in InterForm400 to determine how the workflow should be for each document. So InterForm certainly does provide some flexible opportunities says Grønbech"

Logitrans are already now planning how they can further utilize many of the additional functionalities that InterForm400 offers. And when the time comes to perform an upgrade to a newer version of Movex, Logitrans has already expressed a desire to continue using InterForm400. 
“It is going to be interesting when the time comes to upgrade our ERP system. Perhaps we will already start this process within the next couple of years- and it will be demanded that we can continue using InterForm400, says the happy IT Manager.”

Today Logitrans is one of the world's leading suppliers of material handling equipment, occupying more than 100 qualified employees in the development and production, with customers worldwide.


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