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Product: Develey

From barcodes to RFID with InterForm.

Develey meets all the requirements of their customers, REWE and METRO, and optimises all company processes at the same time


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Develey with interform for iSeries


Develey meets all the requirements of their customers, REWE and METRO, and optimises all company processes at the same time

The software InterForm400 was introduced eight years ago by IT manager Roland Meyers at Develey in Unteraching near Munich, using the iSeries as printing server application, which allows printing of designed
forms with formatted iSeries data on every printer. Since then, it has also been used in other areas, which have developed due to changing demands and technology. In the year 2000, the customer requirement was, to furnish shipment-ready pallets on a SSCC base with an EAN128 barcode forwarded to the customer in advance by EDI/DESADV.


In line with these customer requirements, a fully automated system was implemented in the town of Dingolfing, in which the use of barcodes played an important role, establishing the communication between
production and the high-shelf stock (storage) system. Production orders, on which barcodes are printed, are linked with barcodes printed on the centre foot of the pallet using a Piccolink-scanner. The combined data is transmitted by radio to the high shelf processor. By scanning the barcode located on the centre foot of the pallet, the high shelf can then identify which articles in the production order are on the pallet. “Once the pallets were labelled with barcodes”, says Mr Meyers, “it was only logical to use the barcode also in other areas”. In this way, a complete barcode working process control system was introduced at Develey using the InterForm 400 software.


The pre-work preparation PPS-software no longer transmits its data to an Excel spread sheet, which as is often the case with other systems. The data is transmitted directly to InterForm400 for execution of the working plans. Mr Meyers says, “Over the past few years we have perfected the association with barcodes even more, so our inventory solution gives us a full overview of both finished products and raw material. We also record every movement at every stage of production and delivery, based on the criteria “where, what, how much, when”. Today, this includes not only the material flow, but supplies much more data, enabling us to control and optimise the complete production process. Our stock information is always correct and up-to-date.”


Further development of the barcode system at Develey now also includes the introduction of RFID. A short time ago, radio frequency identification (RFID) was successfully implemented at the central storage facilities in Ismaning as well as at other German locations in Düsseldorf and Bautzen, within the time-frame required by Develey customers, METRO and REWE. “The collaboration we received from the German representative of the Danish manufacturer of InterForm 400, Mr Martin Krautschneider from DACOBIS GmbH in Hassfurt,” adds Mr Meyers, “was in all aspects friendly and helpful. 


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