Product: ABC Data

InterForm NG

Product: ABC Data

Polands second largest IT-reseller prints 15.000 docs a day.

ABC Data, output for INFOR S21 - System21

Industry: IT
ERP: INFOR S21 - System21
Docs: nvoices, Picking lists, Deliverynotes


Tasks / Problems

  • Improve looks of documents
  • Improve warehouse processes
  • Improve flow of documents inside company
  • Archive invoices in .pdf



  • With some new features incorporated in InterForm400, Atlas Copco now directly e-mail an invoice or statement to customers using the automated scheduler.
  • This is done at month-end so your statements are sent out on the last day of the month.
  • BPCS allows for the capture of e-mail addresses on the Customer Master Maintenance option (ACR 23 / 6)


Number of documents produced

10-15000 per day


Type of documents produced

  • Invoices
  • Picking Lists
  • Delivery notes




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