Product: How can I send an email with InterForm400?

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Product: How can I send an email with InterForm400?



The easiest way is to use one of the many email commands. The simple commands (SNDEML) can simply send an email with or without an attachment. Another command (MRGSPLFPDF) merges a spooled file with an overlay (or overlay selector) to create a PDF file that can either be placed in the IFS or be sent as an attachment in an email.

The best and most flexible way to send out emails is however via an email finish definition. This is an extremely flexible tool to dynamically build the email subject, attachment and contents with variables from the input spooled file. It is also able to address your customers in their preferred language and you can chose to find the email address of the receiver in either an internal table, as contents in the spooled file or by doing a lookup in a database via a simple program call.








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Product Sheet: How can I send an email with InterForm400?


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