Product: How large are the InterForm400 PDF output files?

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Product: How large are the InterForm400 PDF output files?



The output size depends of course on the amount of data, that the PDF files should contain, but there are several reasons why the size of the PDF output files are ‘state of the art’:

1) Used fonts are only included in the PDF output if they are really needed. If you are using e.g. arial, in a Latin 1 code page, then no soft font is required.

2) A ‘text compress’ feature makes it possible to compress the text inside of the PDF files.

3) Images with a single or few colors can be installed as a black/white image and then included in the color of your choice. The ‘color dept’ is then only one bit and the size of image is VERY small. Alternatively you can use jpg image files directly in your designs.

4) If you create Unicode/DBCS PDF output InterForm400 will only include the character layout of the characters that are actually used in the PDF file.



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