Product: Output & electronic Form solution for Infor XA | Mapics ERP | IBM i (AS400)

InterForm NG

Product: Output & electronic Form solution for Infor XA | Mapics ERP | IBM i (AS400)

Output Management

For discrete manufacturing - Infor XA

 Infor XA mapics output management

Whether you want to replace a 3rd-party Formatting Software or the standard IBM i (AS/400) Forms Solution, InterFormNG is the perfect solution for your XA and mapics ERP.
InterFormNG Output Management is the official output/forms solution partner for XA. With InterFormNG you get a best-in-class Output Management solution for Infor XA and mapics ensuring both a streamlined and multifunctional output. Use InterFormNG to create both new designs and setup intelligent workflows for email and printing - or to adapt your customized forms, reports and barcode labels to your customers changing demands. Including much, much more.

From Spool-To-XML in seconds
The key to unlocking the advanced output features of InterFormNG is our module SpoolToXML400. The module arranges for an easy standardized integration to Infor XA mapics. SpoolToXML400 requires no programming and converts any type of IBM i Spool File to XML in a matter of seconds. Learn more about SpoolToXML400 here.

Hassle-free upgrade of Infor XA
Using our standardized approach, InterFormNG can connect to any Infor XA release, from Second Generation XA RX6 and Third Generation XA RX7, to any new release of the Fourth Generation, Infor XA RX9. Independent of which version you run, InterFormNG ensures that all your output customizations remain unaffected when upgrading to a newer version.

Benefits provided by InterForm

  • Transform IBM i spool files to customized business documents
  • Graphical Designer - Drag-n-Drop & WYSIWYG
  • Full DBCS / Unicode support
  • Multiple output formats in one solution
  • Meets suppliers’ and customers’ changing document requirements
  • Customized forms are independent of XA version
  • Supports any language and country-specific formats
  • A central tool for all your applications

Infor XA customer case study

Flex Elektrowerkze

Our new Output Management System should be a flexible and future-proof standard solution. In InterForm we have found a solution-oriented partner who understood our demands. The solution saves us a lot of time and money!. Hans-Joachim Rudel, IT manager, Flex Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH. 
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IBM i (AS400) Spool File and Forms Management for Infor XA


InterFormNG is a platform-independent Forms and Output solution. Enable Infor XA and mapics users to distribute spool file data using any kind of output channel: laser & label print, PDF, XML, FTP, or email, and much more.

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Intuitive graphical designer

You can easily create or modify any document type with advanced customizations, using a Drag-n-Drop & WYSIWYG graphical designer. You work effortlessly with design elements like Barcodes, Customized fonts, Images, Frames, Boxes etc

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Unicode & Barcodes

InterFormNG brings full Unicode support to your Infor XA forms. Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Cyrillic, Korean, and many more languages. Create output using a wide variety of linear, RFID, and 2D barcodes.

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PDF & Emailing

Turn your Spool data from Infor XA into PDF and PDF/A documents and send advanced emails. Create PDF files with dynamic images, metadata, links, and much more. Emailing is done with InterForm's own advanced SMTP server.

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Printing forms & labels

Create barcodes, labels, checks, or any business document based on data from Infor XA. InterFormNG supports a wide variety of outputs, helping you to meet industry-specific requirements in a simple and easy way.

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Automation & workflow

The workflow manager allows you to split, sort, group, and schedule output according to conditions. Combine distribution channels and create automated outputs. Print, email, and archive in one simple process.

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Trusted InterForm partners - Infor XA


Dipl.-Ing. Michael J. Raber

Location: Germany, France, Netherland


Guide Technologies

Location: USA


IG Business Solutions

Location: Portugal and Spain


Information Systems Engineering, Inc.

Location: USA


TwinGroup Global Solutions Srl

Location: Italy


Open Business Solutions

Location: United Kingdom


APLIXCOM software & consulting Sp. z o.o.

Location: Polen


This software is developed for IBM Power Systems under OS IBM i. It can also be used on AS/400, AS400, iSeries, i5, System i and IBM i.

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