Product: InterForm release 2016

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Product: InterForm release 2016


New release
Platform and ERP independent output management software solution for Windows, Linux, AIX


On behalf of the whole InterForm team, I am happy to present our 2016 release. We have recorded a presentation that covers all of our exciting news and developments from the last year. A vast majority of what we share with you comes directly from customer surveys and feedback collected from our partners and customers.

You can see the recorded 2016 presentation at the bottom of the page.

Peter Sørensen
InterForm A/S


Work smarter with X-Headers


In our new 2016 version we allow you to define X-Headers in emails you send from InterForm400.

An X-Header is an attribute, not visible by the receiver, which will help you manage outgoing emails.
If you e.g. send a BCC of the email to an internal email address, you can use the X-Headers e.g. for archiving.

The X-Headers can also be retrieved from bounced emails.



ZUGFeRD support


The German electronic invoicing format ZUGFeRD is now supported through the InterXML400 module.

ZUGFeRD is a very innovative format that combines invoice data in XML and PDF at the same time. If you are German or have German customers, this is great news.






Create any XML format with the new InterXML400 module.

XML is the only accepted invoicing format in many counties and local formats are found in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and many other countries.

During the session we will show you how InterXML400 can help you create any XML format e.g. Peppol, UBLXML, ZUGFeRD, PAs, EHF, SWEfact, Finvoice, etc.



InterXML becomes SpoolToXML400


Same module, new name!

SpoolToXML400 is still the module that enables you to have all your spool files in XML without any programming. It is also the product that allows our many AS400 customers to use InterFormNG on the AS400.

Read more here here




New module


With the 2016 release we are consolidating all of our PDF extensions into the new AdvancedPDF400 module.

With the AdvancedPDF400 you will be able to manage PDF security, work with software based digital signatures, password & Encryption, embed files and much more.

This module will allow you to send reminders to customers with a simple click, among many other functionalities.

Read more about the module here here.



Connect to Movex ERP


This new module enables our Movex customers to get control over their output back

The Movex Output Connector enables InterForm400 to understand the streamfiles that are generated by Movex and the MOM

Read how the module has empowered IT manager Anders Grønbech at Logitrans to control his output and all the benefits he has had.

Logitrans Case Study




Color your changes


A new InterForm400 customer from the UK had a challenge that led to this new color feature.

The new feature enables you to highlight changes across a document e.g. an insurance policy. All revised policies are now highlighted, showing the receiver exactly what has been changed.

This is just one way we help you to improve customer service through output management.





Full search in the designer


Having a full search within the designer, including a find next search option in both the element list and XML file, decreases the time it takes to create and maintain templates.


Print to any printer


With the new DriverPrint option for InterFormNG you are now able to print to almost any printer from the Windows platform.

Natively you can select between ZPLII, Postscript, PCL and now DriverPrint.



External image resource


The designer can now dynamically use images via a URL path for each detail line from outside the resources/image directory.

 InterForm 2016 release


The duration of the presentation is 49:36 min.

If you want to know more about the different topics from our presentation, feel free to contact us Here

Go to product site for InterForm400

All in one PDF module for InterForm400 

Create any XML format like ZUGFeRD, UBL XML, OIOXML.

Movex Connector
Intelligent connection to Movex/M3





Go to product site for InterFormNG 

All in one PDF module for InterFormNG 

Enables you to have all your spool files as XML




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