Product: InterFormNg videos

InterForm NG

Product: InterFormNg videos


InterForm Automotive Solution

Get all trading partner labels and shipping documents out of the box with the InterForm Automotive Solution.

Introduction video

A general introduction to the concept of InterForm400 and InterFormNG


When do you use a fixed and a flow area in InterFormNG? When should you combine them (place a fixed area inside a flow area and the opposite)? And examples how to do output detail lines

A step by step quide on how to create a variable box around all the detail lines

A demonstration on how to reuse elements like header, footer and font definitions from a common template

Label Printing

How to improve the quality of label print output by correct setup of your label printer. - In this tutorial, you will see which printer settings, parameters and external factors that are crucial to ensure an optimized label print output. The video applies for all platforms e.g. Windows, IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) etc.

How do I find and select the right label printer? - A guide on how to select compatible printer and print application - Including the considerations regarding fonts, printer language, printer resolution (dpi) & barcodes. - This tutorial applies for all platforms e.g. Windows, IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) etc.

Tips and tricks on how to increase label print performance, including the printing speed, selection of Unicode fonts, cleaning of label printers (printer head & platen roller). - This tutorial applies for all platforms e.g. Windows, IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) etc.

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