Product: InterFormNG Output Management | PDF, PDF/A & Email

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Product: InterFormNG Output Management | PDF, PDF/A & Email


PDF & Emailing

InterFormNG Output Management
Create any type of email, PDF or PDF/A from any ERP and platform. Distribute/send as email or archive as PDF

InterFormNG Output Management | PDF, PDF/A & Email

Instead of printing all your documents, InterFormNG Output Management allows you to create multiple PDF formats. This is done natively via the in-house developed InterFormNG PDF engine. All PDFs are genuinely searchable PDF files that can automatically be archived and emailed. 

InterFormNG natively supports PDF, PDF/A 1b, and PDF/A 2b. PDF/A 3b is supported through the AdvancedPDF module. The PDF/A format ensures that you are able to reproduce the exact same PDF format and content in the future. Everything that is required to render the document the exact same way, every time, is embedded in the PDF/A file: fonts, colour profiles, images, etc.

PDF/A is in many countries the required file format for electronic document archiving. Read more about our AdvancedPDF module that offers features like embedded PDFs and PDF Security/Digital signatures. 

InterFormNG PDF Features

  • Multiple formats PDF, PDF/A 1b, 2b, 3b
  • Bookmark, file naming, links
  • Meta tags and index files support
  • DMS ready
  • Comprehensive compression
  • Preview PDF
  • Advanced PDF extension
  • Much more

InterFormNG E-mailing

InterFormNG has its own built-in SMTP(S) mail server that makes email distribution simple and transparent. Configuring multiple SMTP gateways is easy with InterFormNG. 

Use InterFormNG to create plaintext or rich HTML emails, with or without attachments. 

With InterFormNG you can use variables to customize your email's PDF file names and distribution methods based on XML content. You can also dynamically create personalized e-mail content to accompany the attached PDF attachment. 

Sending your business documents via e-mail can save a lot of time and money. Do your own calculation here.

InterFormNG Emailing Features

  • Supports multiple SMTP and SMTPS accounts
  • Bcc, Cc and group support
  • Support for SSL/STARTTLS
  • Use variables
  • HTML and TXT support
  • Embedded images
  • Use emails as notification
  • Much more

Email examples


Cc, Bcc, Attachment, web content, variables, links, and file naming.

InterForm is Platform independent. Works for IBM i, Windows AIX, Linux, Oracle

Send Email Notifications

A plain text or HTML email, including variables and links. Without attachments.


Matching Corporate Identity

Create any email design with InterFormNG's advanced emailing functionality.

Create any email design with InterFormNG's advanced emailing functionality.

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