Product: Label printing: How to increase performance and print quality

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Product: Label printing: How to increase performance and print quality

Label printing

Tips & tricks for label printing


For many companies, label printing is an essential part of everyday operations. This means that the performance of the label printers and the quality of the printed output is crucial.

The quality of the printed output is important to ensure e.g. the readability of the printed label, not to mention the various specifications that the barcode needs to fit. The specifications of the printed output not only depends on the software you use. It is also necessary to test your printers and consider e.g. the media and darkness settings on your printers etc.

Together with Zebra Technologies, we have recorded three videos that will help and guide you to an optimal label printer performance, combined with a high quality of label print output. See the videos below:

1. How to improve label print quality

Duration 2:21 min.

A tutorial on how to improve the quality of label print output.
In this video, you will learn about the correct setup of your label printer, including which parameters and other factors are important to consider for an optimized label print output.

2. Selecting the right label printer

Duration: 3:45 min.

How do I find and select the right label printer?
A guide on how to select compatible printer and print application.
The video includes the considerations regarding the choice of fonts, the printer language, printer resolution (dpi) and barcodes.

3. Increasing label printer performance

Duration: 2:47 min.

Tips and tricks on how to increase the label printer performance and lifetime.
An overview of some of the best tricks for label printers, including tips for printing speed, selection of Unicode fonts and Cleaning of label printers (printer head & platen roller).

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