Product: InterForm A/S in partnership with Zebra Technologies

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Product: InterForm A/S in partnership with Zebra Technologies


InterForm A/S in partnership with Zebra Technologies

Label printing is an important part of our business, and we are delighted to have entered into a new partnership with the market leader for label printing. With the partnership, we will be working with the best in class developers. This will give us a proactive and very positive future development of our ZPL support, which is great news for all InterForm customers and partners. Peter Sørensen, CEO, InterForm A/S.

InterForm A/S enters into a new partnership with the market leader for label printing, Zebra Technologies.
This means that InterForm is now an official Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Zebra Technology.

With the close relation to Zebra Technologies, InterForm is able to adapt accordingly to the technological development, much faster than before. This will without a doubt affect the future product development in a positive direction that will indeed also benefit many current and future InterForm customers.

Today, many customers depend on Zebra label printers as an essential part of their daily operations. Now, with a direct access to Zebra Technology support and test labs, InterForm have an exclusive opportunity to raise the bar to an even higher level of customer support and service, with e.g.

  • Direct contact to Zebra Technology development
  • Testing individual customer cases in Zebra test lab
  • Zebra support for choosing the right printer
  • Buy back program

Label print software

Zebra printers take advantage of their own printing languages ZPLII, which allows for much more functionality, compared to other known label printing languages.

When combining InterForm software with Zebra Technology output format (ZPL II), customers can create any kind of label using almost any desired functionality e.g.

  • WYSIWYG graphical designer
  • Label preview
  • DBCS & Unicode support
  • Full Barcode & RFID support 

Users can furthermore work with a vast amount of font types, including superscript and subscript.
- Even working with graphics/images, symbols and any type of barcodes is an easy task with InterForm software and Zebra printers.

Zebra label print videos

We have made three videos to help you ensure the best label print quality. Click the images below to see the videos.

1. How to improve label print quality

Duration 2:21 min.

2. Selecting the right label printer

Duration: 3:45 min.

3. Increasing label printer performance

Duration: 2:47 min.

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