Product: Let InterForm do your AFP & AFPDS print output from AS400

InterForm NG

Product: Let InterForm do your AFP & AFPDS print output from AS400


Let InterForm help you with your AFP & AFPDS output

If AFPDS is no longer your desired path for output InterForm400 is your right choice.

As IBM is no longer supporting Advanced Function Printing Utilities* you soon have to make a decision whether to invest in a new AFP utility or considering your options – InterForm400

* IBM have with the V7R3 dropped the IBM Advanced Function Printing Utilities (5770-AF1).

AFP was a good option at the time where printers was relatively simple and your main output option was printing. 
This is however not the situation any more. Printers are far more advanced and the costs of IPDS printers can for the majority of customers not be justified. 
InterForm is a complete output management package that manages multiple output formats reflecting current business needs. 
When selecting InterForm you will no longer have to spend money on expensive IPDS printers and you will get a tool that will enable you to do Label printing, Excel, Word, PDF, PDF/A, XML and much directly from your AS400 / IBM i.

InterForm benefits

  • Get rid of your expensive IPDS printers – use any PCL, ZPL, IPL printer you like
  • Create PDF, PDF/A, XML, Label printing, Barcodes, Emails, Excel, Word, ZUGFeRD and much more
  • Consistent output no matter what output format you generate
  • Easy dynamic document design with Drag N Drop and WYSIWYG design tool
  • Enrich spool file with external data

Read more about the product and its capabilities here: InterForm400

InterForm as replacement

As InterForm supports AFPDS you can just use your current AFPDS spool files as they are. So already today you can without any changes to your existing print programs start to use and benefit from InterForm.
When InterForm receives your AFPDS we will transform in to any of our many output options. 

Proof of concept

Let us show you what we can do. Send us a copy of a spool file along with a copy of the matching design and we will proof the concept for you.
Contact Us to learn more about how we can help you with your AFP challenge. 

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