Product: New partnership with German ERP vendor Ordat GmbH

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Product: New partnership with German ERP vendor Ordat GmbH

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between InterForm A/S and German ERP vendor Ordat GmbH.

Ordat GmbH has for the last 40 years been delivering more than 500 ERP projects and is a leading player in the German market offering its own FOSS ERP as well as Microsoft Dynamics 365.  

We are happy to have teamed up with yet another ERP vendor who has a great track record in the German market. With this partnership a lot of new opportunities arise for both parties but a key factor is that we share the same fundamental beliefs when it comes to doing business. Says Peter Sørensen CEO of InterForm.

With this strategic partnership any Ordat customer is able to use and benefit from the new functionalities that InterForm provides.

Michael Späth, Product Manager at Ordat GmbH says: We have many customers with high expectations as regards automated internal and external logistic processes. For both areas modern recognition-technology including 2D-barcodes or RFID play an important role. With InterForm we have selected a partner who offers a modern and competitive solution plus has a well proven competence in leading markets like the Automotive Industry and Electronics. In addition to that this solution offers a state-of-the-art framework which enables us to seamlessly integrate into different solution-stacks and multi-platform support.

In the course of 25 years and from more than 1.500 customers in the automotive industry InterForm has developed a solution that focuses on all the challenges automotive suppliers face. A market that is of high importance to Ordat.

“With this partnership we are able to offer significant value to our customers connected with latest technology combined with lean implementation costs. In this partnership with InterForm we also look forward to take output management to a new level of integration and process security which will open up new ways for suppliers to ensure compliance with OEM-guidelines. We look forward to the work with InterForm on the challenges of today and the future.” Späth adds.

The partnerships allows the two new partners to welcome any automotive customer with a solution that from an output management point of view is focusing on top quality through the whole output process. As Ordat has adopted the InterForm automotive standard, customers will out of the box have access to form packages containing hundreds of ready to use OEM labels and -shipping documents. 

Want to know more about the solution visit: InterForm Automotive Solution.

About InterForm A/S

InterForm is a platform independent output management provider. With over 3.600 installation on platforms like IBM I, Windows and Linux InterForm software is designed for the future business. To learn more about InterForm, contact us here.

About Ordat GmbH

Ordat GmbH, an InterForm OEM partner, is an ERP vendor focusing on business optimizations across multiple industries. Visit for more information.

Media contact: Anders Bo Andersen, .

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