Product: 10 examples of intelligent output and document management

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Product: 10 examples of intelligent output and document management


10 Examples
Output Management

10 examples of intelligent output and document management

Do your business documents look plain and old-fashioned?

business document designs; sales orders, account statements and invoices from any ERP


They don't have to! With the proper tools, your documents can be modern and professional.

Note: Electronic documents are viewed more frequently than paper copies, making brand consistency even more important.

Add links to your document - it pays off!

Insert dynamic hyperlinks into your ERP documents and reports


More and more documents are being distributed electronically. However, some of these formats have yet to embrace the digital age. Take advantage of modern technology with active links in your text!

Increase your reorder rate by inserting reorder links in your electronic documents. Make the reordering process easy and your customers will remember you for next time.

Improve Customer Service
Help your customers get the best service possible by keeping their information organized throughout their documents. When customers know who to contact for assistance and have their necessary identification numbers at hand, customer satisfaction improves. In some cases, customers can submit all necessary information your support team needs with just one click.

Archive your Content Electronically

document management and archiving solution


Save time and money by archiving your documents electronically.

Easily find and resend documents with just a few clicks when assisting your customers.

Archive your documents using a file system, a shared network drive, or more advanced solutions like SharePoint or our own system InterArchive.

Optimize the documents you output so others can most easily manage them.

Campaign Scheduling

Design and integrate marketings campaign in erp, files and reports


Transactional documents like invoices, order confirmations, and quotations are more likely to be read than newsletters or other mass marketing campaigns. These documents can have a big impact on the impression you make on your customers.

With InterForm you can schedule content in advance, similar to how you might manage it on a website. Set the start and end date and InterForm will automatically insert text or images and remember to remove it again for you later. Using scheduling you are able to link many types of marketing activities together including TV, Print, and Online.

New logo or address? Schedule the change in advance with InterForm and ensure a smooth rollout.

New bank account number? Schedule the new content to appear highlighted for a set time period, and then InterForm will remove the highlight automatically.

Complementary and conditional information

integrate additional reports and documents to reports and documents


Make your output smarter and more dynamic by using conditional rules.

Use InterForm to help market related or complementary products or services.

Conditional elements can be used in many ways:

  • Insert specific loading instructions for a product directly in the picking list
  • Insert warranty information into the invoice or order confirmation
  • And many more

One-click Reminders

send output unpaid invoices automatically from your ERP


Send reminders and unpaid invoices to all due accounts with just one click!

A process that used to take 10-20 minutes per account can now be automated with InterForm.

Download example

Sign Documents Without Printing

Independent ERP software solutions for signpads


Send your documents to a signature pad and collect the signature electronically. The signed document is instantly available online and does not require any manual handling.

Get Sales Reports Emailed Every Day

set up automatic report generation from your ERP


With InterForm you can set any report and schedule it for delivery with custom rules. Send your sales team individual reports with the most up-to-date information.

The right information, in the right format at the right time. That is what output management is all about.

 Insert images and graphics automatically in ERP Documents and reports

Insert Dynamic Images


Color printing is expensive, but emailing is cheap! Insert images automatically in your documents and save money by sending them digitally. 

Improve the look of your quotation, picking list, or other documents with dynamic images.

Works with your existing ERP, website, or local server images.

Validate Data Before You Process

 ERP output data validaten of reports and docuements


Use InterForm to validate your content and make sure an output is not created if critical data is missing.

Make sure your team never accidentally labels boxes with barcodes unable to be scanned again!

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